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Infusion Pump Preventive Maintenance

How many infusion devices do you perform PM testing on annually?
How many times a year do you perform PM testing on each device?
ELECTRONIC TESTING Single Channel Dual Channel
Your average time to test each unit manually (push button based) (in minutes):

How many single/dual-channel devices do you test annually?

The average test time if performed with our automation (template based):

Your time documenting each device test with pen & paper (in minutes):
Your time to type/scan and document each device test (in minutes):
Do you electronically transfer data from test instruments to your database or computer?
Time to document one test using our automation (in minutes):
Manual Entry Digital Entry
Automation Time Savings (minutes) associated with each electronic test result generating or transfer:
Total Documentation Time Savings (minutes):
Total Electronic Test Time Savings (minutes):
Total Annual Time Savings (minutes):
What is your hourly billable rate (the per hour rate charged for your services - default $125/hour industry average shown): $
Documentation Savings: $
Electronic Test Savings: $
Total Annual Savings $

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