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ESU Analyzer Preventive Maintenance

How many devices do you perform PM testing on annually?
How many times are these devices tested per year?
Your average time for one test done manually (push button based, not including setup) (in minutes):
The average test time if performed with our automation (template based, 50% time saving assumed):
Your time documenting each unit PM test with pen & paper (in minutes):
Your time to type/scan and document each unit PM test (in minutes):
Do you electronically transfer data from test instruments to your database or computer?
Time to document one test using our automation (in minutes):
Manual Entry Digital Entry
Automation Time Savings (minutes) associated with each electronic test result generating or transfer:
Total Documentation Time Savings (minutes):
Total Electronic Test Time Savings (minutes):
Total Annual Time Savings (minutes):
What is your hourly billable rate (the per hour rate charged for your services - default $125/hour industry average shown): $
Documentation Savings: $
Electronic Test Savings: $
Total Annual Savings $

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