Introducing RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation software

The intelligent, friendly cloud-based workflow management application that helps you achieve compliance while improving the quality and safety of your x-ray equipment.

OneQA pairs with the RaySafe X2 or X2 Solo to streamline data collection, offering the flexibility to define the standards of your procedures, simplifying the management of your Quality Assurance program.

For a limited time, you can try OneQA™ software at no-cost for 30 days*

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OneQA™ software is available for trial and purchase in the U.S. only.

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By using OneQA software, you will:

  • Improve productivity, efficiency and accuracy by automating execution and analysis of tests
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory agencies with improved traceability
  • Streamline testing measurements with seamless integration with the RaySafe X2 or X2 Solo
  • Collaborate real-time with your team on procedures, data analysis and reporting
  • Improve and lower the cost of Quality Assurance programs

Key features

  • Intuitive drag-and-drop procedure editor
  • Visual cues to indicate status, track health and history of labs
  • Built-in templates and configurable procedure libraries
  • Auto pass/fail status indicator analysis improves testing accuracy
  • One-click report creator for PDFs and easy sharing of reports
  • Automated data analysis for x-ray reproducibility, linearity and accuracy
  • Secure cloud (AWS) database for centralization and sharing of testing activity, procedures, test results and data
OneQA radiation products

Testimonials from OneQA users

“I love how easy it is to configure OneQA™. Unlike other workflow automation software, I have the flexibility I need to define my standards and workflows. The drag and drop procedure editor makes editing and creating procedures a breeze.” - Jon, Radiation Safety Officer

“Sharing reports has never been easier. OneQA™ allows me to share results with my team as soon as my test is complete. This has reduced turnaround times on actionable items and helped us stay organized.” – David G., Physicist

Ready to purchase? OneQA plans start at $270/license per year.**

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**with a one-time setup fee.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the intended users of RaySafe OneQA?

OneQA™ software is centered around a broad range of users who have a commitment to medical imaging Quality Assurance (QA) and whose job it is to maintain the highest quality of care in radiology. While the testing procedures have been tailored to the workflows of physicists, biomedical imaging specialists, RSOs, and Imaging technologists, the dashboards are designed to simplify the review and management of the QA program for all.

Where is RaySafe OneQA™ Workflow Automation Software available?

OneQA™ software is currently available for trial and purchase in the United States only. We are always evaluating additional markets and our primary goal is to ensure that the product serves the needs of one region before expanding into additional markets. Please check back frequently for more information on where you can purchase OneQA software.

What hardware is OneQA™ compatible with?

OneQA software is designed to work with the RaySafe X2 and the X2 Solo. Learn more about the hardware.

Who can I contact for OneQA™ support?

Our Customer Success Team is ready to help you with any questions you have.
Phone: 1-440-542-3646
Support website:

How does OneQA™ benefit my QA program?

The OneQA dashboard is designed to simplify the management of your QA program. You can quickly search for reports, add visual cues about the compliance status of each lab and view testing activity and performance history. Ultimately, OneQA software helps keep your program organized and compliant while improving the quality and safety of your x-ray equipment.

How does OneQA help me achieve compliance?

With OneQA, you have the flexibility to define the compliance standards of your procedures. The platform is designed to be collaborative so that you can work with members of your QA team on improving the compliance of your reports. As a user of OneQA you also have access to a growing library of default procedures that you can use as a framework for the creation of a fully compliant QA program.

How does OneQA improve the accuracy of my testing?

OneQA allows you to create procedures with built-in data validation. You can configure constraints on data inputs to avoid erroneous entries. You can also write instructions for each section of the procedure to provide guidance during testing.

What is the Licensing Portal used for?

The Licensing Portal is where you create your RaySafe OneQA™ account and manage your licenses. In the Licensing Portal, you can set up and change the settings of the OneQA™ application and tenant, invite other users and select roles for users. You can also claim License Keys, vouchers or promotional offers here.

Tenants, what are they?

A “tenant” is a team, location or department that shares data including procedures, test activity, results and reports. Users under a tenant are able to share data across the tenant.

Can I share data and procedures with other tenants?

At this time, you can only share data with members of your tenant. However, we are committed to building a community of QA experts and are always looking at new ways to support your need to share data differently.

What are Concurrent Users?

One license represents one “concurrent user”, and concurrent users refers to the number of users operating OneQA™ at the same time.

Let’s say you have 10 people on your team. If you have 5 OneQA licenses, this means that 5 users—regardless of who they are—can be using OneQA at the same time. All 10 team members have their own sign-in, but only 5 of them can use OneQA at the same time.

Can I extend my trial period?

Yes. We fully understand that in some cases, 30 days is not long enough to get full use out of OneQA. If you need more time, you can request a voucher through the OneQA Customer Support Team:

Phone: 1-800-850-4608

You will be given a voucher to extend your trial period by a set amount of time and expiration. All you need to do is enter the voucher code into your Licensing Portal.

The OneQA trial only comes with 5 licenses; can I add more?

If you need more than 5 licenses, you can request a voucher from your local RaySafe representative or through OneQA Customer Support, using the same process as above.

Will my data from my trial be there when I purchase?

If you purchase the software after your free trial, your data will be there for you when you log back in. If you decide not to purchase the software, you should plan to export any data you would like to keep in CSV format.

I bought a certain number of licenses but need more. How do I do add more?

It is easy to add more licenses to your tenant after you’ve already purchased. After you contact your RaySafe salesperson for a quote, you’ll be given new License Key (found on your Order Acknowledgement) Then, you’ll enter the License Key in the Licensing Portal. OneQA is set up so that all additional licenses purchased will be pro-rated to expire at the same time as the initially-purchased licenses. In this way, you will not have to keep track of multiple groups of license expirations.

Can I change my annual subscription to a 2 or 3-yr subscription?

Not yet. We are working to continuously add features and functionalities to OneQA, including more connectivity to RaySafe and Fluke Biomedical Products, as well as CMMS solutions. A multiple-year subscription may be available later in the future.

How do I know how many licenses to buy?

We recommend a 1:1 ratio of users to licenses. However, if you would like to limit the number of concurrent users on your team, we recommend that you consider your teams’ peak testing times and plan for the maximum number to accommodate the busiest times. To ensure you always have the ability to use OneQA when you need it, you’ll need your number of licenses to be equivalent to your “peak” number of users.

For example, in a five-user concurrent use license, after five users are logged on to the application, the sixth user is prohibited.

Is any patient data stored collected or stored by OneQA?

OneQA does not access or record patient data or information. OneQA is not intended to store patient data or personally identifiable information. Individual users who license the software should ensure that any patient data that they store is in accordance with HIPPA regulations.

Where is my data stored?

Your data will be stored on the Amazon Web services (AWS) Cloud on servers in the USA.

Will there be an on-premise version of OneQA?

Right now, OneQA is solely operated via the cloud. This allows us to make continuous updates and improvements instantly and remotely.

How will I access my data if I stop using OneQA?

If you have purchased OneQA™ software and choose to stop using OneQA, you will have access to the OneQA application, your procedures and test data until the last day of your subscription. You are able to print any of your results as a PDF or download the test data in csv format.

You may download your User Content at any time before the end of your Subscription Term. Once your Subscription ends or terminates for any reason, you will have ninety (90) days (“Post-Term Period”) to request access to your User Content for a fee or to renew your Subscription. Fluke will have no obligation to maintain any User Content after the Post-Term Period.

If your trial of OneQA finishes and you have not purchased, you will not be able to log into the OneQA application, and thus will not have access to your procedures and test data. You will, however, be able to log into the licensing portal (within 90 days) to purchase your license for OneQA, and all of your procedures and test data will still be present.

*Terms of the promotion: OneQA™ software is available for trial and purchase in the U.S. only. This promotion for OneQA™ is provided to allow you to evaluate OneQA™. The trial runs for no more than a total of 30 days, from the point at which it is entered into the Licensing Portal. The voucher will expire on the earlier date of 30 days after it is entered into the Licensing Portal or on December 31st, 2018. For details on the trial, please refer to section 4.5 in the Software and Services Agreement. The cost of the trial for the period of the trial is 100% discount and it shall not exceed 90 days. During the trial period the terms of the Software and Services Agreement will apply.

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