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Take the confusion out of NIBP patient monitor test readings

Do you conduct testing on non-invasive blood pressure (NIBP) monitors? Do you find readings to be inconsistent and struggle with understanding results?

Understanding how to correctly conduct non-invasive blood pressure tests is critical to patient safety. Inaccurate readings due to misunderstanding test methods can lead to poor NIBP measurement results. This could lead to an incorrect diagnosis or even the wrong medication being prescribed. Fluke Biomedical understands your frustration and how important it is to you to feel confident about the test you are performing. We have put together some of the most frequently asked questions along with answers to help you better understand this important topic.

Download our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers leaflet to learn answers to questions such as:

  • Why do monitor blood pressure readings vary?
  • What are the NIBP monitor standards?
  • How can I interpret the blood pressure readings?
  • What is the difference between oscillometric and ausculatory readings?

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