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Introducing the VT650 and VT900

Highly accurate, reliable, all-in-one portable gas flow analyzers engineered to meet global standards.

Accurate and reliable

VT 900

Both the VT650 and VT900 offer high accuracy and reliability for all types of ventilators, as well as other gas flow and respiratory medical equipment. Molbloc- L calibration specifications ensure traceability and compliance to global regulatory standards.

The highly accurate VT650 performs most tests on all types of ventilators and respiratory equipment. The best-in-class VT900 features special ultra-low flow and ultra-low pressure ports. These ports allow the highest accuracy for devices requiring crucial low volume and pressure testing such as anesthesia machines and flow meters.

Portable and easy-to-use

Testing on-the-go couldn’t be easier with the lightweight (3.6lbs/1.6kg), portable design and the included detachable handle and shoulder strap. Both units are compact— saving space for benchtop testing while preserving accuracy of measurements in the test environment.

The VT650 and VT900 both have a large 7” (17.8 cm) color touch screen display, allowing you to view multiple measurements at once and quickly access menu and setup options, while viewing results graphically or numerically in real-time. The global user interface makes operating this device straightforward and uncomplicated.

VT portability


VT 900

Configure the VT650 and VT900 for your specific testing needs with customizable profiles for the model, type of equipment under test, or your testing preferences. The large on-board memory allows both short and long-term recording and storing of test data. Transfer data via USB to a PC and upload the generated PDF to your CMMS system for simple reporting. Decrease risk and increase efficiency with remote commands for automated testing.

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