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Fluke Biomedical tools help you:

Comply with global standards

Store and archive data securely through on-board memory storage

Minimize human error through automated workflows

Trade In for new devices such as these:

Electrical Safety Analyzers

Ensure all clinical technology optimally performs for all staff and patients by testing them frequently.

Fluke Biomedical electrical safety analyzers are trusted by biomedical technicians and radiation safety officers worldwide.

  • Complies with all major global standards
  • Insulated applied parts connections ensure safety of biomedical technicians during testing
  • Optional automated workflows standardize procedures and minimize human error

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ESA615 Electrical Safety Analyzer

ProSim 4 Patient Monitor Simulator

Patient Simulators

Improperly calibrated medical devices could mean life or death to a patient. It is crucial to ensure patient monitors are accurately reading the patient’s vitals to prevent misdiagnosis.

Fluke Biomedical vital signs patient simulators are ideal for simulating the wide variety of vital signs a patient can have, both in stress and non-stress environments. Patient simulators have:

  • Built-in leads to simulate a wide range of vital signs
  • Quick tests installed to get results in 60 seconds or less
  • Durable, long lasting battery to perform multiple tests on the go, all day

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