RaySafe X2

Effortless measurements of X-ray.

Can you imagine an X-ray testing environment where your test tool requires no sensor positioning or complicated setup? The RaySafe X2 delivers all that and more. Simply plug it in and watch it deliver accurate measurements every time. Plus, the full range of sensors allows you to test multiple parameters on all modalities: R/F, MAM, CT, Survey, Light, and mAs.

The RaySafe X2 features:

  • Large touch screen display for simple operation and great overview of all measured parameters.
  • Stacked sensors for easy positioning and minimum radiological footprint.
  • Wide dynamic range - no special modes for high sensitivity measurements.
  • New Rhodium/Silver (Rh/Ag) beam quality available for the RaySafe X2 mammography sensor.

and much more...

Download the RaySafe X2 Essentials leaflet to learn more about the benefits of the X2:

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The RaySafe X2 is the best choice for those who demand the highest standards of accuracy with absolute ease of use.

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