2017 GSA Campaign

It’s year-end - Are you keeping current?

As the fiscal year-end approaches, and it’s time to evaluate your medical test equipment needs for the coming year, ensuring patient safety with updated test tools will be one of the most important considerations you make. Fluke Biomedical and RaySafe continue to develop new products and features which are compatible with new medical equipment, and meet new regulations.

QA-ES III Electrosurgery

QA-ES III Electrosurgery Analyzer »

With generator output current accuracy as low as ± 2.5 %, the QA-ES III is capable of testing all modern high power electrosurgical units.

Replaces QA-ES II
ProSim 8 Vital Signs
Patient Simulator

ProSim 8 Vital Signs Patient Simulator »

Complete preventive maintenance testing with one device in less than five minutes, reducing average test time by up to 88%.

Upgrade from the ProSim 4
IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer

IDA-5 Infusion Device Analyzer »

Multi-channel infusion pump tester, providing comprehensive and immediate results to increase your productivity.

Replaces IDA-4 Plus
X2 X-Ray Measurement System

X2 X-Ray Measurement System »

Your x-ray dosimeter solution, providing x-ray test and measurement sensors for R/F, MAM, and CT.

Upgrade from the Xi

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Learn how the QA-ES III can simplify and speed-up testing ESUs

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