Coming Soon! The NEW 1042A/1046A Universal Digital Ratemeter!

Coming Soon! The NEW 1042A/1046A Universal Digital Ratemeter!

Designed to increase reliability, increase efficiency, and reduce maintenance costs, the VIctoreen 1042A/1046 A Universal Digital Ratemeter (UDR) uses modern circuitry and components to interface with the latest and most advanced control room computer systems. It can be purchased as local readouts interfacing with a centrally located control room computer system, or as spares for previous generation UDRs since it is designed to slide into existing cabinet rack chassis without modification.

The 1042A/1046A UDR is compatible with scintillation, ion chamber, and GM tube detectors. Key features include the following:

  • High visibility LCD display designed for longevity
  • Membrane switch panel designed for reliability
  • Designed for replacement of cabinet-located ratemeters, for use as a local skid controller and readout, or as a local indication area monitor
  • Environmental, seismic, and EMC qualifications
  • Increased data availability in the form of historical data download via USB, Ethernet output, and analog outputs for backwards compatibility
  • Designed considering cyber security
  • Signal display in various user-selectable engineering units (CPM, mR/h, μC/cc, etc)

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