RaySafe X2

Efficient Testing at Your Fingertips

Need a comprehensive, easy-to-use tool for your X-ray testing requirements? You’re not alone.

More and more medical imaging test professionals are turning to the RaySafe X2 quality assurance system for more accurate measurements combined with the ultimate user-friendly experience. The RaySafe X2 offers sensors for R/F, mAs, MAM, CT, Survey, and even light applications. Choose the sensors you need now and benefit from the flexibility to add more sensors later.


Taking the first exposure is as easy as 1-2-3. Turn on the unit, connect the sensor, and take the first exposure. After the exposure, the screen will display all measurement parameters from the attached sensor.

One sensor for all measurements

Each compact sensor covers all necessary measurements. The RaySafe X2 R/F Sensor, for example, covers radiography, fluoroscopy and dental applications without the need to select ranges or modes. It is capable of measuring all radiological parameters such as dose, dose rate, kVp, HVL, total filtration, exposure time, pulses, pulse rate and dose/pulse – in one exposure.

Immediate, robust feedback

Measure full waveforms and analyze the results directly on the RaySafe X2 base unit. Using the touchscreen, tap on any parameter for a larger view, use a quick swipe to display waveforms, and pinch to zoom into details.

Connect to X2 View software for in-depth analysis.

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