INCU II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer

Ensure the safety of
your smallest patients.

INCU II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer

An infant’s first few days of life can be their most critical, which is why it is essential to regularly validate the performance and safety of neonatal medical devices.

The INCU II Incubator/Radiant Warmer Analyzer simplifies testing and verification of the safety and environmental parameters of infant incubators, transport incubators, and radiant warmers. Portable (<3 lbs; 1.4 kg), the INCU II features customizable test templates for automated testing, displays real-time results, and shows pass-fail indicators for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Key Features:

  • Enables simultaneous measure of humidity, airflow, sound, temperature in 6 different points, and skin temperature
  • Displays pass/fail indicators and real-time test results on a large LCD screen
  • Simplifies test set-up with color-coded temperature probes that match color of input ports
  • Supports fast and convenient downloading of test results and data using wireless* functionality
  • Rechargeable battery enables testing over a 24-hour period
  • Has both standards-based testing mode and general testing mode--allowing a test to be completed in just 15 minutes
  • Complies with all global standards, including IEC 60601-2-19, IEC 60601-2-20, and IEC 60601-2-21

*Wireless capabilities not available in all countries. Ask your distributor for more details.

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“Because infants can’t say whether they’re uncomfortable, having difficulty breathing, or experiencing pain, it’s important to regularly test and verify the performance and safety of the medical devices, especially infant incubators.”

Ashton Solecki, Product Marketing Manager, INCU II

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